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Why pre-order?

You may be wondering why we do PRE-ORDER on some items. There are several explanations for it:

1. We produce what YOU want, not what we want to sell. There are several designs we don't know if the market will like. To avoid excess stock and overproduction, we wait for you to claim your purchase.

2. Some of our fabrics take a long time to produce as they require specific techniquess. We really curate the materials we use. The more exclusive, the more they take to be perfectly made.

3. Education: we got used to have everything now. We have to understand that design takes time, artisanal work takes time, hand-made clothing takes time.

This garments are made to last. The products we don't produce on-demand are because we have data that prove the limited stock we produce is going to be sold and no dead stock will exist. However, we may be wrong and might not calculate properly our stock as collections change from one to another. Only then we proceed with discounts.

Thank you!